torbj_sindball.jpgAfgelopen zomer deed ik zelf mee aan het WK triathlon in Denemarken. Toen de deen  Torbjørn Sindballe kwam voorbij gefietst, leek het alsof ik gewoon stilstond. Als een kanonbal heeft hij het hele pak daar stuk gereden. Helaas moest hij de strijd in het lopen staken door een knie-blessure.

Hier een interview met deze deense topatleet 

How do you look back at the season 2005?
I was very happy with the first part of the season. I have probably never been stronger than when I won Half IM California with a very high level in all three disciplines. Unfortunately I got sick before St. anthonys and wildflower, but managed some very good results with runner up in both races.
Coming home from wildflower I was injured with a jumpers knee, which pretty much ruined the last part of the season with ITU worlds on homesoil in Fredericia and Hawaii. I kept up my motivation however and we worked very hard to cure the injury and do alternative training, but in the end it was not enough to run good in any of the races. However we learnt a lot for the future years and also I took home the bike record

Are you satisfied with the results of 2005? Are there things you've learned and want to do better?
Every injury brings you a little closer to mastering your body, so we have made several test and changes to technique and training to make the possibility for reoccurrence as small as possible. This included biomechanical analysis at Boulder Center for Sportsmedicine and also building up the training more conservatively. Also I had some structural problems in the lower back/pelvis area that are now finally OK after 2 long years. The Hawaii experience took me closer to my goal of winning the race since we where able to come up with some good changes to my heat management and nutrition strategies.

Did you took a long brake after the last competition of last year?
I had about 6 weeks with only little ”active rest” training and mental relaxation as well as a holiday with my son. Also all the business stuff with sponsors etc. goes down in this period.

What did you do up till now in this winter period?
Since december I have had no troubles what so ever and I have easily build up my run volume to around 80k/ week. In biking I have been doing a lot out on the roads in DK inspite the cold weather and swimming is also progressing steadily. We have been on a couple of smaller X-country skiing camps which is great alternative training. I did a bike test in late January that actually a little bit better than a similar test in September last year, just before Hawaii! Right now I am in Lanzarote for a 3 week base training camp with the weekly totals hitting around 25 k swim, 20-22 hrs. Biking, and 5 hrs. Running.

Do you do other kind of competitions during the winter period? Running, mountainbiking, winterduathlon, etc?
Some years ago I did some Cross duathlons and also I take part in run races, but the last 2 years it has been very limited due to injuries and also it is hard to put in races when you are in a packed big volume schedule.

How does your preparation for the new season looks like? Are you going on training camps in warm, sunny regions?
Right now Lanzarote 3 weeks, it is windy, rough and hard base training. In April we have a 2 week race prep camp in Mallorca and then the racing starts. Later on in the year we will do some altitude and heat camps getting ready for Hawaii.

What is on your agenda for 2006? What are your ambitions?
Wildflower, Ironman Brasil, Danish sprint TT and TTT champs, Vikingman in Fredericia(half Iron very nice race and atmosphere) then Hawaii and tentatively the ITU long course.
I feel I am now on a level where I can win every race I enter. Specially on half IM distance. In Ironman racing I still need some experience which is why I will do Ironman brazil in the spring, so we can test out some more before Hawaii. My dream and goal for the last 3 years have been winning Hawaii this year on my 30th birthday on the 21st. October. Off course nobody can control who wins a race, but I am committed to optimizing every aspect of my performance possible be at my best this October